Step 1. Click on the button below and enter your zip code.
Step 2. Complete the brief user survey.
Step 3. Complete the required offers.


Rules: Limit one per household. You must be at least 18yrs old and a US resident.


Are Free iPad Offers Really Legit?


Here’s how the process normally works: you are expected to complete a few trial offers or you’ll need to refer a number of family /or friends to qualify for your free product. The trial offers are often things you normally like to purchase or try like video games, movie rentals or my favorite — credit cards with low interest rates. Some of these trials are free, while others cost money. Each time a consumer fulfills his/her part of the bargain, the agency that set up the offer makes money from the company offering the free product. So essentially, you’re paying for the free ipad by completing these trial offers.

So there is no scam involved here. The company producing the new product gets low cost advertising and new customers get to try their products. The advertising agencies make money on each and every new customer referred to the new product line and the free trial offers get in on the new customer base as well. Best of all, you as the new consumer receive free products, like the iPad, to test and keep. How cool is that?

All of this is perfectly legal and is actually a new creative twist on how advertising works to get new customers for companies interested in increasing profits and their yearly bottom-line. Online companies and services are receiving commissions for referring new customers interested in trying out new products for free. Most customers receiving free products usually become life-long customers and the companies profits are increased yet again.

The only restriction I have found for most offers is the need for the consumer to be at least 18 years of age and some offers are only valid in the United States and Canada.


Some Words of Caution


While there are legit offers, be careful of scams. If you come across any website asking for your social security number or bank account information, stay clear from them. The only offers I’ve known to work are on this website.