The display is in reverse format, which means the background is in black, and the alpha numeric characters are in silver and white. Adjusting the contrast in the Suunto concealed menu does help, however, still not as distinct as the normal black letter on white-colored background. No fault of Suunto, but just the way the design is.

The buttons are receptive and easy to press. To get around through the menus, the “Mode” button and also the “View” button need to be pushed in different combination to get what you want. It may seem to be complicated initially, but when you understand the rational design, it is fairly easy to remember. Give yourself a couple of days to get used to it.

Positive: Incredibly accurate ABC. I evaluate their readings with the actual ABC instruments. The precision is amazing and is better than the Casio Pathfinder in the dirt! The storm alerts responds to the atmosphere pressure change properly too. The digital compass rocks !. After you set the course, the bearing indicator would show an arrow and directional text (right and left), to direct you to the correct course, which is a great feature. User installable batteries which is fantastic to save a lot of money in time.

Issues: The directional rotation ring is difficult to turn. If you have finger nails, you’ll need to use them, if you chew your finger nails, good luck. The alarm is a bit gentle and difficult to hear sometimes. A similar problem as the Pathfinder. I wish they can make it louder. The wrist strap looks low-cost. The illuminator is a bit poor too.

Ideas: This watch has earned lots of bad reps as a result of poor quality control in its vendor factory in China. It’s been a lot of issues and reported problem. After doing some investigation, it appears that Suunto has finally resolved the hardware and software glitches. Whenever you buy this watch, make sure the serial number starts from “918xxxxxx” onward. My own is “944″ and so far it’s great. You need to email the vendor, to make sure they send you the latest version as mentioned above, in that case your new watch will not likely spend most of its life going back and forth in the shipping and delivery trucks.

Joshua Lidenberg likes fine wristop computers for many years now. Everybody who likes to spend time in the nature needs a fine outdoor instrument like Suunto Core and especially the prime of the line Suunto Core Orange Black